AMED TIMES -Diyarbakır hosted an exuberant evening with a musical feast by Tara Mamedova, a Kurdish-origin Russian artist. The concert held at the Sezai Karakoç Congress Center featured Mamedova’s breathtaking performance, providing the audience with unforgettable moments.

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At the event, which saw the participation of thousands of music lovers, the songs Mamedova performed with her original interpretation captivated the audience filling the venue. The artist’s stage energy and voice were met with enthusiastic applause from the spectators.


Tara Mamedova expressed her love for Diyarbakır with these words:

We gave all our strength for this concert. I wandered the streets of Diyarbakır for two days. I love Diyarbakır, I love Amed. This city has a very special place in my heart. When I come here, I never want to leave; every time I leave, it feels like I haven't seen it in years, and I immediately want to return. Amed is something else. It's another song for us. Today, we will meet with what we will listen to, and I am very happy for that. For me, this concert, this music venue, is a place that brings everyone together, unites us, and it promises us a magnificent night. I believe so, and hopefully, you do too. Understanding each other, understanding each other's souls, that interaction, I understand them from their language, maybe they understand me from mine, and we connect with each other, and that connection is a very delicate one.



I lived and grew up in Kurdish

I lived in Kurdish and grew up with it,” said Mamedova. “I grew up speaking Kurdish my whole childhood. Those who experienced this Kurdish-speaking childhood may feel it in me, and I feel it in them. This connection is incredible and indescribable. My compositions are usually modern and I create them out of pure essence, like Law, Sino, Sipindar, Xewna Giran. It’s more of an alternative genre of music. I prefer to stay away from the language of agitation because we need hope, we need love, and I love to express even our pain in that language. I prefer to talk more rhythmically and positively. We have suffered a lot, we have buried our pain inside us, but our children can grow up a little better than we did. That is my endeavour. To the people of Amed, I say that I love you very much. I will be with you as long as I live and I hope you will always be with me. Your love is my strength.


New album surpris

When announcing her new album, Mamedova announced the good news: "My new album will be released in September. The launch tour will start and I will sing brand new songs for you, all composed by me. They are all newly written, everything is new, with their music, melody and soul. I will face my listeners with these songs.