AMED TIMES - As Amed Times, we consulted the public and Kayapınar Municipality officials about the allegations of closing the branch of the meat and dairy shop in Kayapınar, where the municipality can meet its needs for meat and dairy products at cheaper prices than in the market.

Citizens looking for cheaper meat in the face of rising prices line up early in the morning in front of the two branches of Diyarbakır Meat and Dairy. However, allegations that the Kayapınar branch is to be closed by a "DEM Party-affiliated municipality" have sparked debate.

Discussions about the closure of this facility in Kayapınar, Diyarbakır, are still ongoing.

The closure of this branch would lead to grievances

The citizens who queued in front of the branch of the meat and dairy institution in the "Hanımeller Women's Market" in Kayapınar district of Diyarbakır expressed that the decision to close the branch would lead to hardships for the citizens. They emphasized that the decision makers should consider the interests of the community in their decisions.

The traders of the Hanımell Women's Market also emphasize the significant contribution that the presence of the institution makes to the vitality of the market, from which the traders in particular benefit.

Ömer Mithan emphasized that these useful institutions need to serve more locations for the benefit of the community.

Mithan said, "The Meat and Fish Institute provides important services in terms of meat and prices in Diyarbakır. People queue here every morning to buy cheap meat. Since the prices in the butcher shops are almost twice as high, even those who do not consume meat occasionally come here to buy meat. If the establishment is closed, people will suffer. This decision may be based on the interests of a few people. Since everyone benefits from this facility, there should be no interference. Those who made this decision were only thinking of their own interests and did not consider the public. No one can judge by their own standards. Our demand is that this facility remains open. The decision to close it would lead to people complaining and have serious consequences."

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Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service" Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service"

Vasfiye Aktaş Ekin, a trader at the Hanımell Women's Market, also emphasized the important contribution that the presence of the meat and fish institution makes to the women traders.

"We want the Meat and Fish Institute to stay open because it means more customers for the traders and affordable prices for the public. There are two branches in Diyarbakır: one here and the other in Şehitlik. The branch in Şehitlik is closer to the region and is therefore easily accessible to the public. We call on the public not to allow the closure of this facility. It is more affordable for all of us in terms of price and accessibility. We do not want it to be closed and we are trying to encourage people on this issue."

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Other citizens who shop at the facility also expressed that the potential decision to close would disadvantage the public.

"It should not be closed. Everything is very expensive. Meat the size of a palm tree is sold in butcher shops for three to four hundred liras. Why is it being closed? Everyone should say that it should not be closed. That is the situation."

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Another citizen said, "It would be better if it was not closed. We demand that this store stays open. Because that means cheaper prices compared to other butchers. Şehitlik is a far away place, not everyone can reach it. That's why this place should not be closed."

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"We will consider the interests of the community in our decisions"

In our meeting with Kayapınar Municipality officials, they explained that the Kayapınar Municipality Council had made a "cancelation" decision regarding all land owned by the municipality and allocated to other institutions, including the Kayapınar Meat and Milk Plant. However, they clarified that this decision does not entail the closure of the Kayapınar Meat and Dairy branch and assured that they will prioritize the demands of the public and the expectations of the community in all decisions concerning them.

The Meat and Milk Institute has two branches in Diyarbakır. One is located in the Şehitlik neighborhood of Yenişehir and the other is in the Hanımell Women's Market in the Peyas neighborhood of Kayapınar.

According to the information received, the branch of the meat and dairy shop in the Peyas district of Kayapınar will continue to operate after the decision of the Kayapınar Municipal Council with the number 10.03.2023/32.

It is still uncertain what decision and measures will be taken by the Kayapınar Municipality regarding the Kayapınar Meat and Dairy Branch.