AMED TIMES - Doğan Hatun, Co-President of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, made important statements on the process of reclaiming properties confiscated during the trusteeship period.

Former Diyarbakır goalkeeper: New generation is very successful Former Diyarbakır goalkeeper: New generation is very successful

Co-President of the Municipality Doğan Hatun attended the 10th anniversary event of the Mezopotamya Foundation at İskenderpaşa Mansion. In his speech, Co-President Hatun talked about what happened during the 8-year trusteeship period of the Municipality. "The trustees have caused great destruction, from psychological destruction to language, art, culture and economy," Co-President Hatun said. "We have announced the debt. These are not even one per cent compared to the destruction in the areas of language, culture, art and women. The trusteeship problem is not just a matter of looting and plundering, but actually a genocide of language, culture and art. They have implemented 90% of their policies in this direction. Now they do not have a single property left except for the municipal office building, the DİSKİ building and the Sezai Karakoç Congress and Cultural Centre. Our lawyers are continuing their work on them. We will get them all back one by one," she said.