AMED - As temperatures in Diyarbakır soar to 43 degrees Celsius, children seeking shelter from the heat seek refuge at the historic Anzele Spring in the İskenderpaşa neighbourhood of Sur. The millennia-old spring is a favourite place for children to cool off, despite the dangers associated with swimming in such areas.

Many children enjoy the refreshing cold water under the watchful eyes of their parents, while others ignore the warnings and signs forbidding swimming and jump into the spring from high places.

Şehmus Ekici, who brought his child to Anzele Spring to cool off, emphasised the benefits of the ancient water during the hot summer days in Diyarbakır.

"The weather in Diyarbakır has suddenly become extremely hot. As the schools have a summer break, our children are bored at home. So I took my child to the Anzele spring so they wouldn't get bored. They enjoy cooling off in the water here," said Ekici.

Umut Eren Ekici, who enjoys himself in the water under his father's supervision, shares his enthusiasm: "I came to Anzele Spring with my father. We swim here to make the most of the hot weather and the school break. It’s a lot of fun."

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Amedtımes 2-1This heartwarming scene of children finding joy and relief in the historic waters of Anzele Spring paints a vivid picture of community life in Diyarbakır, reflecting both the challenges and simple joys of summer.

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