AMED TIMES - Amedspor, who became champions of the 2nd division of the TFF and secured promotion to the 1st division, received the trophy at the championship ceremony at Diyarbakır Stadium. Many singers and fans took part in the celebrations.

Thousands of fans arrived at Diyarbakır Stadium hours before the celebrations. A huge stage was set up in the centre of the stadium.

The fans enjoyed themselves and danced to the music until the trophy ceremony began.

During the celebrations, singer Jehrmar took to the stage first, followed by Helim Omeri, Azad Bedran and DJ Ramazan Karakaş.

The president of Amedspor, Aziz Elaldı, spoke into our microphones and said: 'We are happy, proud, we are very proud that we have made this championship, this celebration possible for our people.

I am happy to be part of the championship.

Mert Çapar added, "I am very happy to have contributed to my team, and I am happy to be a part of this championship. When I came here, our goal was to win the championship, and thankfully we achieved it. We are happy and joyful.

This championship is a gift for our city

Berk İsmail Ünsal added: "I have already said that it was not important for me to be top scorer. It was important for us to become champions. We are very happy that we have achieved this championship. May this championship be a gift to our fans and our city."

We thank President Selo.

After the singers, Aziz Elaldı took the stage and spoke about the championship.

Elaldı said,

We made a promise to these people and we spent our nights and days to fulfil this promise. I bow to our people here. I want them to know that what we have done is nothing compared to what they deserve. As long as we have this job, we will endeavour to be worthy of the fans. When we embarked on the journey to the championship, I and my fellow board members knew very well how difficult it would be. To overcome these difficulties, we needed friends. From here, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all non-governmental organisations and their members, to the members of parliament, to our mayor Sezgin Tanrıkulu, to Mehmet Kaya, the president of the Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to Ekrem İmamoğlu, to Mr Tuncer Bakırhan, Özgür Özel and other party leaders who supported us.

In Diyarbakır, the fares for local transport were increased. In Diyarbakır, the fares for local transport were increased.

While Elaldı continued his speech and followed the shouts of "President Selo" from the stands, he also made a bracket for Demirtaş and said: "We also thank President Selo, who is always by our side with heart and soul."

The trophy was raised into the hands of the captain.

After the artists' performances, the trophy was brought onto the pitch by Amedspor and the names of the footballers were announced one by one as they were invited onto the stage.

After head coach Mesut Bakkal and the players took to the stage with their previously selected songs, Amedspor captain Onur Karakabak lifted the championship trophy, which he received from TFF board member Volkan Can.

After the presentation of the trophy on stage, led by Çekdar Orhan, the players went into the stands and raised the trophy once again into the hands of the fans.

Following the trophy presentation, İlkay Akkaya took to the stage and sang the song "Amed Şehrim Benim" together with the footballers.