AMED TIMES - Amedspor promoted to the 1st division after 11 years, Sezgin Tanrıkulu attended the ceremony, AK Party MPs were not present Amedspor, the champion of the red group of the 2nd division of the TFF, received the trophy at Diyarbakır Stadium on Saturday. CHP deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu and DEM Party deputies took their places in the protocol, while AK Party deputies were conspicuously absent.

Amedspor, which has played in the 2nd division for 11 seasons, won the championship and was promoted to the 1st division, lifted the trophy at the ceremony on Saturday. Thousands of fans attended the ceremony, which was also attended by deputies from the Diyarbakır DEM Party and the Tanrıkulu CHP.

When Amedspor President Aziz Elaldı mentioned his name during his acceptance speech, Tanrıkulu received great applause from the audience. After the trophy presentation, chants of "Where are the AK Party MPs?" became the order of the day on social media.

3 MPs Did Not Attend the Stadium, Fans React on Social Media

3 MPs did not attend the Amedspor's cup ceremony, fans criticized their absence on social media.

The person arrested in Diyarbakır for sexually harassing his siblings has been released on parole. The person arrested in Diyarbakır for sexually harassing his siblings has been released on parole.

Fans of Amedspor, the champion of the TFF 2nd League Red Group, criticized the absence of 3 AK Party MPs from the cup ceremony held at the Diyarbakır Stadium on Saturday. The fans stated that they had been waiting for support for the team for years, but that the support had not come from certain segments. They said, "After a 13-year break, a Diyarbakır team has been promoted to the 1st League, but Ensarioğlu, Kepoğlu and Yaz did not provide any support other than sharing on social media. Amedspor is the team of this city. Everyone should support it.

The governor didn't share again Previously

It was noticed that Diyarbakır Governor Ali İhsan Su did not congratulate Amedspor on social media, and his absence from sharing after the trophy ceremony became the agenda again.

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