AMED TIMES - Emin Ö. (26), who was tried for sexual abuse and harassment of D.Ö., who was 15 years old at the time, and A.Ö., who was 14 years old, two years ago in Diyarbakır, was conditionally released at the fourth hearing.

Is a trustee being prepared for the Diyarbakır Municipality? Is a trustee being prepared for the Diyarbakır Municipality?

The incident occurred on December 14, 2022 in a rural neighborhood of Bismil district. The girl named D.Ö. and her brother A.Ö. told their mother S.S. that they were sexually abused and harassed by their stepbrother Emin Ö. Upon this, S.S. went to the gendarmerie with her children and filed a complaint. Gendarmerie teams detained Emin Ö. with an operation they organized. After the mother's complaint, the children were also referred to the Child Monitoring Center (ÇİM) for their statements. The children, whose statements were taken in the presence of psychologists and pedagogues, were handed over to the mother. Emin Ö., who was referred to the courthouse after the procedures at the gendarmerie, denied the accusations and said, "I did not do it, I do not accept it." Emin Ö. was arrested by the judge on the charge of 'qualified sexual abuse of a child'. 

Victims were abused multiple times in a chain

A lawsuit was filed against Emin Ö. at Diyarbakır 2nd Assize Court. At the 4th hearing of the case, the defendant Emin Ö. and his father A.Ö. were present, while S.S. attended via Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS). The public prosecutor, in his final opinion on the merits, stated that the victims D.Ö. and A.Ö. were siblings from the same father as the defendant E.Ö., that there was no reason for the victims to slander the defendant, and that as a result, the defendant threatened the victim A.Ö., who is his brother, and abused him more than once in a chain, and that the defendant threatened his sister D.Ö. and sexually abused her more than once in a chain, which is fixed with all the evidence collected by the investigation and trial, and that the defendant committed the crime against the victim A.Ö. to be punished in accordance with articles 103/2, 103/3.c, 103/4, 43/1 of the Turkish Penal Code, and 103/1, 103/3.c, 103/4, 43/1 of the Turkish Penal Code, which corresponds to the action of the defendant against the victim D. Ö. c, 103/4, 43/1, deprivation of the right to exercise certain rights pursuant to Article 53 of the TCC due to the offenses committed by the defendant intentionally, deduction of the time spent by the defendant in custody and detention from his sentence, and continuation of the defendant's detention considering the amount of sentence he is likely to receive.

The court decided to release the defendant Emin Ö. on judicial control with the condition of following the hearings and a ban on leaving the country, taking into consideration the time he spent in pre-trial detention and the collection of evidence. The defendant was warned that he will be arrested again if he does not follow the hearings. The hearing was adjourned.

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