AMED TIMES - Before the local elections, a hotel in Diyarbakır built a 2,000 square metre illegal wedding hall on a plot of land designated as a retreat and green area. The Yenişehir Municipality kept silent during the four-month construction, but after it was completed, it imposed a fine of 2 million liras and sent a notice that the site should be returned to its original state. The hotel owners appealed against the decision and went to court.

Before the local elections, a 2,000 square meter illegal wedding hall was built in Diyarbakır on land intended for a retreat and green space in a hotel project. The Yenişehir Municipality did not intervene during the four-month construction period.

After the illegal construction work was completed, the municipality imposed a fine of around 2 million lira on the hotel owners and demanded that they restore the site to its original state. In response to the fine and the notice, the hotel owners appealed the municipality's decision in court.

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They built a wedding hall before the local elections

The largest hotel chain in the world, with 560 hotels in 65 countries, opened a 171-room hotel in Diyarbakır eight years ago.

While the damage and wounds of the earthquake on 6 February were still fresh in the city, eight years later, shortly before the local elections on 31 March, an illegal wedding hall was built in the garden of the hotel.

Despite a clear provision in the zoning regulations stating that not a single nail could be hammered into the area, a 2,000 square metre illegal wedding hall was built in the green area designated as a retreat, contrary to the approved attached project and the zoning plan, taking advantage of the opportunity of the upcoming local elections.

The green area behind the boundary wall was poured with concrete and the illegal hall was built with steel supports. In order not to stand out and to create a sense of unity with the hotel, the exterior of the hall was clad with the same granite material used for the exterior façade of the hotel, giving the impression that it had been built next to the hotel. However, this intervention in the construction also disturbed the neighbours.

Fine of 1,948,574 lira

Although there was no infrastructure and pine and cypress trees were cut down in the garden to pour the concrete for the illegal hall, construction continued for four months without any sealing, demolition or demolition. It was noticed that a fine of 1,948,574 liras and 43 kuruş was imposed only after the construction was completed.

The court demanded all documents and authorisations from the municipality

The Yenişehir Municipality, which was administered by a trustee before the election and is located 150 metres from the hotel, did not intervene during the ongoing illegal construction. However, after the hall was completed, the municipality imposed a fine for violating zoning regulations and issued a notice to restore the area to its original state.

Hotel management filed a complaint

The hotel management filed a lawsuit with the administrative court and applied for the cancellation of the lawsuit and the suspension of enforcement.

After examining the case, the court requested the defendant Yenişehir Municipality to submit the development plan, the building permit and an architectural plan in which the unauthorised illegal sections are marked in colour. The 3rd Diyarbakır Administrative Court also demanded certified copies of all information and documents that served as the basis for the fine and demolition action, aerial photographs of the hotel and information on whether the area has been restored in accordance with the notification.

No criminal charges filed

It was reported that the hall built in violation of the project posed serious risks and dangers to the environment in the event of possible earthquakes, flooding or waterlogging.

It was learnt that no criminal complaint had been filed with the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office for "causing environmental pollution by constructing an excessive illegal building in violation of the project permits and its annexes and for violating the zoning regulations"

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