AMED TIMES - Diyarbakır-born footballer Murat Şahin, who used to play as a goalkeeper for Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and Diyarbakırspor, observed the training of youngsters in Diyarbakır. 

In an interview with Amed Times, Şahin later said about the infrastructure problem in the country: "Actually, we should not only refer to this country as Diyarbakır. In other words, the infrastructure problem is a problem we have in the whole country. But it can be overcome by screening all our big clubs, especially with different sports schools, throughout the country. But of course that involves effort. It's not an easy task. For example, we always say why we haven't produced any young players from the infrastructure for years. But of course that doesn't just happen, it takes effort. Our clubs or the power of our clubs also need to invest a little more in this number. It's a task that will be solved over time, but you have to start somewhere."

There is a problem with the facilities

Şahin also said: "Of course all children have a talent if the necessary effort can be made here. But it is important that they can also show this talent. It's also a question of time. It takes a lot of serious time. We have to work hard, we have to build facilities. We are not raising them. We have a deficit in that respect. There are problems not only in Diyarbakır, but also in the entire National Assembly. But we all need to do something about them. I think it has started slowly, but of course it needs a process. But they too, these children, have to work hard. It's not easy. Because there are many candidates. It's not easy to stand out from them."

In Diyarbakır, the fares for local transport were increased. In Diyarbakır, the fares for local transport were increased.

We've got a good generation

Former footballer Şahin finally said: "We've really got a good generation. They should be given the chance to be more successful or less successful. We also need to be successful in the tournaments we take part in as a country. Are we good as a team? We are good. We have good players. We really have a group of players who will be good for our country for many years. Success depends on their performance. But I think they will be successful, I believe that. Because we have a great group. Most of them are already playing for big clubs in Europe. That's also an advantage. They have more opportunities to develop there. I think that will bring serious success after one tournament at the latest.