HÜDA PAR: Have these young people destroyed something? HÜDA PAR: Have these young people destroyed something?

AMED TIMES -  The Co-Mayors of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, Serra Bucak and Doğan Hatun, along with cleaning teams, launched the cleanliness campaign in the Dörtyol district of Bağlar.

The Environmental Protection and Control Department teams of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality initiated a cleaning campaign for the cleanliness of 136 main arteries, squares, intercity bus terminal, district bus station, emergency rooms of private and public hospitals, and waiting areas in the city center. The campaign, which started in the Dörtyol neighborhood of the Bağlar district, was attended by the Co-Mayors of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Serra Bucak and Doğan Hatun, Co-Mayors of Bağlar Municipality Leyla Ayaz and Siraç Çelik, and Co-Mayors of Yenişehir Municipality Safiye Akdağ and Mehmet Ergün. The Co-Mayors washed the streets and sidewalks with foam water along with cleaning vehicles and cleaning staff. The citizens showed great interest in the Co-Mayors during the work and supported them with applause.

Bucak: For a cleaner Diyarbakır

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor Serra Bucak stated that she has launched a cleaning campaign for 136 points in the city together with the municipalities of Bağlar, Yenişehir, Sur and Kayapınar. She said, "Today, we are launching the campaign from Bağlar Dörtyol, together with the co-mayors of Bağlar Municipality and Yenişehir Municipality, our citizens and our cleaning teams. Our streets will be cleaned with a non-chemical cleaning method. From today, we will continue our campaign for a clean Diyarbakır and a clean Bağlar. Let us dispose of our rubbish in containers and rubbish bins to keep the city clean. May our path be clear.

Street cleaning in Bağlar

Cleaners worked in teams throughout the night to wash and clean the streets of Nuket Coşkun, Fatih and Görsel in the Bağlar district with foaming water.

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