AMED TIMES - Co-Chairs of the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party)  made statements regarding the recent discussions about the closure of their party.

Co-Chairs of the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) met with the elected mayors at the party's headquarters.

Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service" Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service"

Bakırhan: We Will Not Bow to Threats

Speaking about the "party closure" discussions that have been on the agenda recently, Tuncer Bakırhan emphasized that such threats have outlived their usefulness. Bakırhan said:

"Let them not point fingers at us. The expiration date of the policy of closing, blackmailing, and threatening has passed. When did we ever bow to threats and blackmail? While our people have shown a strong will, and the Van resistance is still standing, we will not bow to these threats and blackmail. We are determined to bring peace and democracy to this country."

Bakırhan: The Trustee Mentality Has Been Buried at the Ballot Box

Evaluating the election results, Bakırhan also stated that the appointment of trustees has come to an end and the will of the people has prevailed at the ballot box. Bakırhan noted:

"The trustee mentality has lost. Our people have won. The trustees have been buried at the ballot box. With DEM Party's success on March 31, the AK Party-MHP government was dealt a major blow for the first time in 22 years. The party ruling Turkey became the second party by a clear margin. We invite the government and the opposition to correctly read this will on March 31. The March 31 will is a will for change. It is an election where the one-party mentality was actually defeated at the ballot box."

Hatimoğulları: Ecology, Democracy, and Women's Freedom Everywhere

Speaking about the party's policies in local governments, Tülay Hatimoğulları said:

"Our ecological, democratic, and women's liberation approach to municipalities will not be limited to the municipalities we have won. We will also defend this understanding in the strongest way possible in the places where we fall into opposition. Especially in the western provinces, we will cooperate and support on all issues that are in the interests of the people wherever we are in administration. However, we will also exhibit the most effective opposition on issues that are contrary to our paradigm, are not in the public interest, and violate the rights of workers, women, and the disabled."

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