AMED TIMES - The fire that broke out between the neighbourhoods of Çınar and Mazıdağı in Diyarbakır was caused by electrical wires, according to an investigation by the Diyarbakır City Fire Department.

In order to investigate the cause of the fire and assess the damage, the fire service formed a damage assessment committee consisting of the head of the fire service Selahattin Zenger, fire prevention officer İhsan Gezer, fire chiefs Hasan Uğurlu and Seyfettin Salcı, veterinarian Hasan Korkmaz from the health department and agricultural engineer İlhan Başol from the parks and gardens department. The commission carried out a three-day investigation in the burnt area and prepared a report.

28 vehicles and 108 employees were deployed

According to the report, the fire was reported to the fire service at 22:09 on Thursday, 20 June 2024. The first vehicle departed from Çınar Fire Station at 22:10 and arrived at the scene of the fire at 22:25 to begin the operation. The Yenişehir, Kayapınar and Bağlar fire brigades as well as the Parks and Gardens Department and the Environmental Protection and Control Department responded with a total of 28 vehicles and 108 firefighters, bringing 280 tonnes of water to the scene of the fire.

Sparks from the electricity pylon fell onto the crops

After a comprehensive investigation of the Köksalan neighbourhood, the damage investigation commission concluded that the fire was caused by sparks falling from an electricity pylon onto the crops.

The investigation report drawn up by the fire brigade will also be forwarded to the public prosecutor's office.

In Diyarbakır, the fares for local transport were increased. In Diyarbakır, the fares for local transport were increased.

924 sheep and goats died

In Köksalan district, 302 goats, 622 sheep, 1,627 hectares of cultivated land, 10 hectares of pistachio seedlings, 2 tractors, 19 irrigation systems, 4 electric transformers, 2 sowing machines, 35 solar panels, 1 tiller, 1 sprayer, 2 fertiliser tanks, 10 pomegranate trees, 1 fertiliser distributor and 140 tonnes of hay were damaged. In addition, 2 irrigation systems and 15 decares of almond trees in the Bağacık district and 42 irrigation systems in the Yazçiçeği district were destroyed.

Five people lost their lives in Diyarbakır

Five people were killed and 21 others, including a firefighter, were injured in the fire in the Köksalan, Yazçiçeği and Bağacık neighbourhoods in the Çınar district.