AMED TIMES - The Diyarbakır Medical Association has drawn attention to the inadequate care of cancer patients in the city's public hospitals and called on the authorities to intervene urgently.

The Diyarbakır Medical Association published a statement and data on its X account stating, “The lack of radiotherapy equipment and radiation oncology specialists in our city is costing the lives of cancer patients who do not have access to treatment,” highlighting the inequality in the region.

The statement emphasized that inequalities in healthcare, privatization and commercialization lead to death: “The lack of equipment and specialists in the field of radiation oncology in the regional provinces is costing the lives of cancer patients in these areas, especially in Diyarbakır. Radiation therapy at Dicle College Faculty of Medicine hospitals is provided by a company through a tender. Due to the shortage of radiotherapy machines and relevant specialists, patients are irradiated until midnight and the constant operation of the machine leads to frequent breakdowns, as the affected patients tell us. When the machine breaks down, it is not or cannot be repaired by the company responsible, interrupting patients’ treatments and depriving them of radiotherapy that could provide a cure or treatment. Patients’ treatments are interrupted because the device has not been repaired for a long time.

"Call to action"

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The statement pointed out that radiotherapy is essential, especially in cases where the cancer may recur: “In patients where cancer recurrence is thought possible, radiotherapy and chemotherapy should be given simultaneously. Timely treatment significantly reduces the likelihood of cancer recurrence. Diyarbakır, which also has to serve neighbouring provinces, has three devices for radiotherapy. This number is very insufficient compared to other provinces in Turkey. Currently, the device at Dicle University Faculty of Medicine is not in operation, and only one device is in operation at the city's public hospital. This hospital is overloaded with cancer patients. With a semi-urgent disease like cancer, every day that passes is crucial for patients. If the health authorities do not want to be responsible for the resulting deaths, they should get to the root of the problem immediately. We call on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to solve this problem that is costing patients their lives and prevent further suffering for patients.

Editör: Haber Merkezi