AMED TIMES - DEM Party Van Deputy Pervin Buldan brought the “classified” National Security Council (MGK) Report to the agenda of the Parliament. 

The 'Confidential' psycho-social activity report, found in Turgut Özal's former house after it was sold, and subsequently sold on to a scrap dealer, has recently been brought to the attention of Parliament

DEM Party MP Pervin Buldan submitted parliamentary questions and a research proposal to Parliament, seeking answers from the Justice Minister and the Vice President of Turkey.

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Last week, news reports emerged concerning a 'confidential' psychological activity report, allegedly presented to President Turgut Özal in 1992. The report was reportedly found in a bookshop and claims to detail decisions made by the National Security Council (NSC) regarding the execution of Kurdish businessmen. Furthermore, it apparently contains information on the remit and expansion of activities undertaken by the NSC-affiliated 'Directorate of Relations with Society' (DRS).

The report marks the first official confirmation that the National Security Council authorised these executions.

Having raised the issue in Parliament, DEM Party MP Pervin Buldan submitted parliamentary questions concerning a 'psychological activity report' reportedly found in Turgut Özal's former house. Buldan claims the report constitutes the first official confirmation that the National Security Council (NSC) ordered the executions of Kurdish businessmen.

In the year following the discovery of the report in Özal's former house, a series of unsolved murders occurred in Turkey.

The report allegedly states that "armed and separatist terrorist incidents... are increasingly intensifying and even gaining a tendency to spread throughout the country," implying an acknowledgement of difficulties in combating the PKK through legal means. The report reportedly assigns a central role to the Gendarmerie in "psychological warfare," including tasks such as "breaking the influence of tribal leaders" and "implementing special measures against businessmen suspected of supporting the organisation." Buldan suggests these "special measures" may be linked to the unsolved murders of Kurdish businessmen that occurred in 1994, just a year after the report's alleged creation. Buldan argues that the report's emergence provides "official confirmation" of a previously suspected list targeting Kurdish businessmen.

In a joint motion to the Minister of Justice and the Deputy President, Buldan raised the following question:

"Given that crimes against humanity are not subject to statutes of limitations, will you consider the newly emerged 'psychological activity report' as evidence in investigating the perpetrators of unlawful policies, unsolved murders, and torture? This report could potentially be classified as an instruction document for grave human rights violations."

Buldan further directed a specific question to Justice Minister Yılmaz Tunç:

"In light of the statute of limitations not applying to crimes against humanity, do you intend to revisit the trial process by reopening case files that were previously closed?"

Additionally, Buldan submitted a research proposal to Parliament. The proposal calls for the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry commission to investigate the grave human rights violations that occurred in the 1990s. The proposal argues that the newly emerged 'Psychological Activity Report' should be accepted as new evidence in this investigation.

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