AMED TIMES -  After the 8-year trustee period that concluded with the local elections on March 31, Co-Mayors Serra Bucak and Doğan Hatun of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality revealed that the debt inherited by the Metropolitan Municipality stands at 3 billion 345 million Turkish Liras (TL).

After the 8-year trusteeship period, which ended with the local elections on 31 March, the co-mayors Serra Bucak and Doğan Hatun of the Diyarbakır Metropolitan municipality met with journalists at the Sümerpark shared accommodation centre. In addition to the co-mayors, permanent council members Abdulkadir Güleç, Emine Akın and Abdulselam İnceören also attended the press conference.

During the press conference, Co-Mayor Serra Bucak stated that the Metropolitan Municipality provides services in 17 districts and emphasised its intensive work process. She mentioned that she is currently conducting research related to the inventory of movable and immovable property inherited from the 8-year trust administration she took over after the local elections on 31 March. Co-Mayor Bucak further stated that they will present their findings on damages immediately at the May Council meeting. She also pointed out that legal action has also been taken.

Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service" Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service"

Looking to the future, Co-Mayor Bucak stated her intention to work with councillors, advisory boards and everyone who works for the city. She emphasised that during the trustee's 8-year tenure, the city office building and all its activities were closed to the press and other dynamics. However, they are determined to change this situation. Co-Mayor Bucak reiterated that all doors of the municipality, especially for the press, will be wide open for everyone.

This transition from trusteeship to elected co-mayors marks a significant moment for Diyarbakır, and their commitment to transparency and accessibility is commendable. The challenges ahead will require diligent efforts to tackle the inherited debt and ensure effective governance for the benefit of residents.

Editör: Haber Merkezi