AMED TIMES -  Diyarbakır, Turkey - In a significant development, the Diyarbakır City Council voted in favour of reversing the transfer of city property to other institutions during the trusteeship. The decision was made during a five-day council meeting last week, which voted on a proposal to reverse the transfers made just before the elections.

The council, which consists of 87 members, 11 of whom belong to the AK Party, examined the commission's report on the cancellation of the allocations. The report states that the allotment and transfer transactions were evaluated in their entirety and as a result of this evaluation it was determined that the transferred lands were not eligible for allotment under the Act. The Commission's report also emphasised that these transfers did not serve the public interest, were contrary to the purpose of the allocation and were made without a specific need.

In the vote, the AK Party councillors voted against the cancellation of the transfers, while the transfers were cancelled with the votes of the MHP and HDP members. This decision is interpreted as an expression of the political tensions that have recently emerged in Diyarbakır.

Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service" Co-Chairman Bucak: "The trustee has not made any investments in the fire service"

The commission's report was then put to a vote in the Diyarbakır City Council. In the vote on the return of city property that the trustee had allocated to other institutions before the elections, the AK Party councillors agreed with the trustee's decision and voted against the return. The decisions were made by majority vote.

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