AMED TIMES - Eyüp Diyar Fidan, who was taken by taxi to a private hospital in the Bağlar district on the evening of 10 May and allegedly "fell from a height"," was treated. Asayiş Şube Müdürlüğü Cinayet Office Amirliği teams dealing with a gun and knife brawl that broke out at the same time between two neighbouring shopkeepers on Fatih Street, in which 4 people were injured, began investigating the Kent Güvenlik Yönetim Sistemi (KGYS) cameras at the scene. The police, who identified the injured as Çetin Eren, B.E. (47) and S.E., determined that the other injured person had been taken away in a taxi. The police followed the direction in which the taxi was travelling and determined that it was being taken to a nearby private hospital. It turned out that the person taken by taxi was Eyüp Diyar Fidan and that the emergency room staff were told that he had "fallen from a height" When the police realised that it was not a fall, an investigation revealed that Fidan had been stabbed. Fidan could not be saved despite the intervention.

174 suspects detained in security operations in Diyarbakır 174 suspects detained in security operations in Diyarbakır

The taxi driver, who was identified, said that Fidan was put in his car by a person and that the person got out of the taxi and left the area after arriving at the hospital.
Fidan's body was handed over to his relatives after the autopsy at the Forensic Medicine Institute and buried at the Yeniköy Cemetery in Bağlar district. In connection with the incident, 2 suspects and Çetin Eren, who allegedly stabbed Fidan, were taken into custody after his treatment. After the trial, Çetin Eren, one of the suspects, was arrested in court. The others were released, 1 of them under judicial supervision.

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